Splitstore.com.au has been live for over a year now. Wow what a year and how much have we learned in this time.

I would like to thank everyone who has used our site to purchase their air conditioner and installations, i hope that the process was an easy and simple.

We gathered some valuable feedback and are looking at updating our site to be more user friendly and simpler to purchase that air conditioner without leaving your home or office. Split Store is Perth’s online air conditioning company specifically based here in WA making it safer and easier to contact someone if there is any problems.

Alot of the eastern states online stores will do what they can to sell you an air conditioner and then that’s all you will hear from them, and probably never again when there is a problem???

Keep an eye out for a newer site coming soon with some great prices and deals for the people of Perth, and don’t forget to like and share our Facebook page. We will have friend only specials soon too.

Thanks again for your support so far and to the people of Perth – WE LOVE YOU!!!