We can give you 5 good reasons why you should choose Suburban Splits Air Conditioning to supply and install you next air conditioner:


Suburban Splits Air Conditioning has been in operation in WA for almost 10years now. As a family run business we believe the service we offer is reflection of our family values of respect, integrity and pride.   We support the WA local community and charities such as ST Vincent De Paul and the local Rotaries. With the big companies moving in from the eastern states its important that we all continue to support our local businesses.  By purchasing your air conditioner and installation from Suburban Splits Air Conditioning you continue to support business in Western Australia.


All our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their area of qualification. We only employ and contract quality tradespeople who understand and embrace the Suburban Splits Air Conditioning quality expectations. They take prideweather man  in every installation they complete and are in the best position to offer you advise on your installation. It is very important that you engage a qualified technician to not only install your air conditioner  but give you the right advise – it is as important as choosing the brand and size of air conditioner you require. Question their qualifications and make sure they know the installation requirements of the brand of air conditioner you are having installed. Each manufacturer has different ‘regulations’ when it comes to installing the air conditioner – if the air conditioner is not installed as per those regulations the manufacturer may void your warranty and which point it becomes up to you to chase up the technician and get it fixed – it can all be avoided by choosing Suburban Splits Air Conditioning to install your air conditioning!


We pride ourselves on the outstanding customer service we deliver to everyone of our customers. It starts with your first contact with our office all the way through to the technician who arrives at your property to install your air conditioner. Great word of mouth is the best way for us to continue to build our business and relationships with our customers. Its not just about selling you an air conditioner and onto the next sale, we want to ensure that you are happy and we have done everything we can to satisfy your requirements … it is just good business!  And positive feedback is a nice reward.


Tradespeople don’t have the best reputation for being reliable and arriving on time or even at all! At Suburban Splits Air Conditioning you will receive an SMS the day before your appointment as a reminder. On the day of installation the technician will call you when they are 30minutes away to let you know they are coming. They are very respectful of your property ensuring the space that they are working in is left clean and exactly as you left it. But things can happen. If there is a reason why your job may have to be rescheduled or there is a chance that the technician may not be arriving at the prearranged time, you will always be notified well in advance, limiting the disruption to your day.


Our commitment to you comes in the form of our installation warranty – 5 year workmanship warranty with a lifetime of advise. That’s right for the life of you air conditioner, even after your warranty has expired you can contact us regarding any issues you may be having with your air conditioner. We are confident in the ability of our very experienced and capable technicians that we have no issue on covering their workmanship for 5 years. Also, we plan on being around for a long time to come so be assured we will still be available in the next 5 years to take care of any issues that arise. That goes for the materials we use also. Just call us and we are happy to organise for a technician to visit and rectify or advise on the best next step forward.